Handsome Chap Hollis Wylie Vanderah

Okay, I need to explain this one a bit.  Last year, when we were talking about this site and we were playing around with different web tools, my son Hollis was on hiatus from school (another story for a different day). He was helping me figure out the best layout, design, and format for the HCMC site, but we were using another server.   So I made him a Chap so he could help us figure out what the heck we wanted to do.   So a Chap he became.   

Well once you’re a Chap, you’re always a Chap.   So even though Hollis is only twelve, let’s properly welcome him to the Moto community.   At some point he will ride a motorcycle, I can almost guarantee it.  

So without further ado, welcome Hollis.  The coolest little kid you’ll ever want to meet.  With a heart of gold and a passion for doing the right thing.  Don’t even get him stated on Ford Mustangs, music or games…

Let the interview begin: 

Why you Hollis,  and why are you a Chap?  

I want to be a Chap because my dad is one (Brian), I  like motorcycles, and I feel like I deserve to be one.  

What does being a Chap mean to you?  Being a Handsome Chap means to have a passion for riding and knowing someone who is a Chap already. 

What is your ride and why? A four wheeled, black sticker covered skateboard and a green Salsa Mountain bike. 

Favorite cocktail? Pina colada

Your ultimate adventure? To go and live in Greece for a month or to go back to London

Bacon or steak? BACON!!!! And steak

Your ultimate Moto, and why? A black Vespa with red highlights.  I like the style and black is my favorite shade. 


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