New Chain Day

Twenty-five thousand miles have come and gone and so have my OE chain and front and rear sprockets. I've been stressing about changing this out because I wanted to do it on my own, but I haven't ever done this before. I borrowed a chain tool, watched a bunch of videos and online tutorials, and... Continue Reading →

What’s in your Ditty Bag?

I never knew there was actually a name for that half-torn-up zip lock baggie filled with random stuff that always seemed to make my camping trips. That little baggie held all my loose ends whenever I went out on the trail for some various camping, canoeing, biking, or moto trip. But there is a name... Continue Reading →

Best of the Progressive IMS Bike Show

Handsome Chap Allen, Handsome Chap Hollis, and myself found ourselves at the IMS Bike Show in Minneapolis, MN a few weekends back looking at all the bright and shiny new objects that we must have. I should have been in the cold garage installing my upgraded suspension during the balmy weekend winter warm-up. Instead, we... Continue Reading →

Winter Blues and Little Tools

As we face down another winter storm here in Minnesota, it is time to reflect on those things that bring me the most happiness in my life.   Motorcycles are certainly one of those items. I have others, but I will save those for another post at a later date. I have recently got back into... Continue Reading →

Viking Dirtman Enduro Tank Bag

Is there such a thing as the perfect tank bag?  Man, there are a lot of options out there and they all do about the same thing. There are big ones and small ones, there are short ones and tall ones, there are magnetic ones and strap ones, Oh My!!  When you consider different motorcycles,... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Spring

It is that time of year where the motorcycle is sitting in the garage, buried beneath a cover, protecting it from all that dust and other gunk that wants to wreak havoc on your motorcycle. Last year my moto went to storage.   In my opinion , this is probably the equivalent of a nice hotel,... Continue Reading →

Adding Visibility to Your Moto Life.

I guess Viking Cycle got it right when your 13 year old fashionista proclaims "If they made it in my size I would wear it while riding my bike". Introducing the Viking Cycle Safety Vest. Expecting a pretty basic run of the mill safety vest, I too, was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the vest out of... Continue Reading →

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