Confessions of a Serial Bug Killer

“Troy is riding his motorcycle from Prudhoe Bay to the tip of South America…I think we should join him on his way back and ride part of the way with him. I’m giving you nearly two years notice so don’t tell me you can’t do it.” That was the statement made by my former college... Continue Reading →

A visit to the Robert Service cabin. 

There are strange things done in the midnight sun       By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales       That would make your blood run cold; The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,       But the queerest they ever did see Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge       I cremated... Continue Reading →


We had stopped in Whitehorse and decided to grab a bite to eat. We rode hard that day and in the rain for most of it. We stopped at a place called the “Miners Daughter” and were debating on finding a campsite later that night or finding a hotel room in town.  The hotel room... Continue Reading →

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