New Chain Day

Twenty-five thousand miles have come and gone and so have my OE chain and front and rear sprockets. I've been stressing about changing this out because I wanted to do it on my own, but I haven't ever done this before. I borrowed a chain tool, watched a bunch of videos and online tutorials, and... Continue Reading →

The Tiger has escaped…

Call in the military.    Handsome Chap Dave out for a ride today.  He came across this in Iowa.   I say it was him calling in the military to help him lift his bike out of the ditch.  Keep the rubber side down, HC Dave.    

What’s Next for Farkles?

The calendar just clicked over to February. The Super Bowl has come and gone. It is time to focus but I have zero focus right now and I’m not sure why. Possibly, bits of sunny weather and the occasional melting of the snow may have something to do with it. As the moto season is... Continue Reading →

Been a while…

I haven't posted anything in a few months; its about time I did.  I was just looking at photos of our trips and watching vids of flat track racing.  I got out on the bike today for about an hour.  November 11 in MN.  Snow on the ground when I woke up.  I think it... Continue Reading →

When the Planets Align!

A sight to be seen. The eclipse was more than I expected. I was sent to Carbondale Il to cover this event for work. We thought we were going to have a shutout,  but the eclipse showed its self for about a minute then cloud cover set in. It was enough to get the full... Continue Reading →

Back at Work Ugghh!

Ive been back to work for two days now, the month off I had was unbelievable but being back at the grindstone really makes you thank the stars you were able to get the time off to take such an adventure that we did. Such great times on the road until next time!

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