Handsome Chap Hollis Wylie Vanderah

Okay, I need to explain this one a bit.  Last year, when we were talking about this site and we were playing around with different web tools, my son Hollis was on hiatus from school (another story for a different day). He was helping me figure out the best layout, design, and format for the... Continue Reading →

And Then He’s Gone

I have been so focused on the politics of Trump these days that I completely missed that Robert M. Pirsig had passed a few days ago.   That is sad in many ways.   First of all, why spend so much time on the shit show of the Trump administration, when I could be spending... Continue Reading →

Handsome Chap Troy

Every now and then you come across a guy, or gal for that matter,  that makes you shake your head a little bit and ask yourself the question, "what am I doing wrong?"   Whatever it is that this person is doing, it generally makes you feel that your own life isn't quite as full.... Continue Reading →

Handsome Chap Alex

Our very first rider profile:  Introducing Handsome Chap Alex When we first started this blog we asked a few questions ( Contact the Chaps ) to get people to be part of our group (before we realized that consequences of a "group" meant in the motorcycle world) and Alex took the bait and was the first person... Continue Reading →

Troy Henkels and His GS

He is the good looking, responsible fella on the right.  He is certainly Handsome Chap worthy. HC Dave is on the left and I'm in the middle.  Much younger then and certainly better looking.  At least one of us is anyway.  You decide who. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Check out his current travel... Continue Reading →

How It All Began

I’ve always loved Triumph motorcycles. The Bonneville’s, the old Triumph Tigers and who doesn’t love the 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 6T? It’s a work of art. Something about the lines of the tank, the way the fenders wrap around the wheels, the pea shooter muffler and the chrome spoked wheels speak to a time when designers... Continue Reading →

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