Best of the Progressive IMS Bike Show

Handsome Chap Allen, Handsome Chap Hollis, and myself found ourselves at the IMS Bike Show in Minneapolis, MN a few weekends back looking at all the bright and shiny new objects that we must have. I should have been in the cold garage installing my upgraded suspension during the balmy weekend winter warm-up. Instead, we... Continue Reading →

Winter Blues and Little Tools

As we face down another winter storm here in Minnesota, it is time to reflect on those things that bring me the most happiness in my life.   Motorcycles are certainly one of those items. I have others, but I will save those for another post at a later date. I have recently got back into... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Spring

It is that time of year where the motorcycle is sitting in the garage, buried beneath a cover, protecting it from all that dust and other gunk that wants to wreak havoc on your motorcycle. Last year my moto went to storage.   In my opinion , this is probably the equivalent of a nice hotel,... Continue Reading →

Triump Tiger 955i

I came across this beautiful Tiger the other day sitting behind Keys Restaurant in St Paul and had to take a picture.  Man those tiger claw prints are awesome. When I first started to get re-interested in motorcycling after doing my first AK trip a few years back (2009) and started to do some research... Continue Reading →

DJ Moto @ Camp Quichabichun

Alright, Jody asked me for a bike profile. Hope this one suffices. I still own a 2008 Triumph Bonneville but decided on a larger bike for our Alaska and back road trip. The question was do I rent or buy? I decided I might like this hobby so buying probably made more sense. Here is what... Continue Reading →

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