Handsome Chap Hollis Wylie Vanderah

Okay, I need to explain this one a bit.  Last year, when we were talking about this site and we were playing around with different web tools, my son Hollis was on hiatus from school (another story for a different day). He was helping me figure out the best layout, design, and format for the... Continue Reading →

Handsome Chap Troy

Every now and then you come across a guy, or gal for that matter,  that makes you shake your head a little bit and ask yourself the question, "what am I doing wrong?"   Whatever it is that this person is doing, it generally makes you feel that your own life isn't quite as full.... Continue Reading →

Handsome Chap Alex

Our very first rider profile:  Introducing Handsome Chap Alex When we first started this blog we asked a few questions ( Contact the Chaps ) to get people to be part of our group (before we realized that consequences of a "group" meant in the motorcycle world) and Alex took the bait and was the first person... Continue Reading →

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