What’s in your Ditty Bag?

I never knew there was actually a name for that half-torn-up zip lock baggie filled with random stuff that always seemed to make my camping trips. That little baggie held all my loose ends whenever I went out on the trail for some various camping, canoeing, biking, or moto trip. But there is a name... Continue Reading →

Viking Dirtman Enduro Tank Bag

Is there such a thing as the perfect tank bag?  Man, there are a lot of options out there and they all do about the same thing. There are big ones and small ones, there are short ones and tall ones, there are magnetic ones and strap ones, Oh My!!  When you consider different motorcycles,... Continue Reading →

Adding Visibility to Your Moto Life.

I guess Viking Cycle got it right when your 13 year old fashionista proclaims "If they made it in my size I would wear it while riding my bike". Introducing the Viking Cycle Safety Vest. Expecting a pretty basic run of the mill safety vest, I too, was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the vest out of... Continue Reading →

Got Gas! 2.0

I finished up my little DIY project to be able to cary some extra petrol.  I don't think it turned out so bad. It was all made by scrounging up the parts from odds and ends laying around my garage. The next thing I need to do is get it mounted on my bike, which... Continue Reading →

Got Gas?

With the thought of running out of gas and being stranded in the middle of nowhere, which at times doesn't sound so bad, I thought I would try and jerry-rigg up an option of bringing a gallon of gas along for the trip to AK. With a new 1 gallon gas can my brother-in-law Tony... Continue Reading →

The Never Ending Duffel

I finally landed on a duffel bag choice for the upcoming AK trip.   The North Face Base Camp Duffel in Medium size.  A glorious 70 liters of pure goodness. Sure I was all high and mighty for the Mosko Moto Duffel and I still am, but after HC Allen told me about the 40 dollar... Continue Reading →

Organization can be key!

I needed a little extra organization in my saddle bags. Looking over the intraweb I ran across somebody who added a shelve into their panniers. It got my brain a humming and away I went. With nothing but scrap parts in my garage I was able to put together this little shelf. Now I can... Continue Reading →

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