Been a while…

I haven't posted anything in a few months; its about time I did.  I was just looking at photos of our trips and watching vids of flat track racing.  I got out on the bike today for about an hour.  November 11 in MN.  Snow on the ground when I woke up.  I think it... Continue Reading →

Favorite quotes 

It's easy to spend this much time with the chaps. You should all try it!  It's also easy to have a few catch phrases when we spend this much time together.  We have laughed hard at ourselves and have said or heard some great quotes like "there is no downside to tits". We have had... Continue Reading →

Salmon Glacier 

Been off the grid for about 3 days or so. We took a side trip to Hyder AK and the Salmon Glacier. Great views as usual. Totally worth the time and the ride here was fantastic through canyons and winding mountain roads. Starting back to the states today.  Still plenty of riding left to do. 

Top of the World

Rode the Top of the World Hwy and the Denali Hwy yesterday. Several hundred miles of dirt, mud, rain, potholes, loose gravel, ruts, rocks, and washboard to keep us on our toes and standing up on the pegs and the views were fantastic! We rode hard and fast which resulted in some blown seals and... Continue Reading →

Liard River Hot Springs

No photos yet but WOW the hot springs are amazing. We left Grand Cache Alberta early yesterday morning at about 6:30 am. It was cold but beautiful and we rode all day to get here.  Our biggest day yet at about 677 miles and 14 hours on the road. The AlCan highway has some fantastic... Continue Reading →

Chaps in Alberta BC

Awesome day today.  461 miles through Montana and into Glacier State Park.  We could see the Rockies in the background as we approached Glacier and it was beautiful.  The view was great and the roads were super curvey.  We headed North and made it through customs  imagine that!!  Now it's wings , beer, and burgers... Continue Reading →

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