Damn the belt that hath too few holes!

Wildcat Mountain Bar and Grill – 202 Main St. Ontario WI

This is a great little pub nestled in the driftless area of Southwestern Wisconsin. We had been riding the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail on bikes and had planned a night at Wildcat Mountain State Park. I had been here several times 15 years earlier as Ontario was the launching point for an annual canoe trip on the Kickapoo River.

We pulled into town, parked the bikes and walked towards the pub. The town was small but vibrant. It felt like the entire town was hanging out at the local ballpark which was directly across the street.

The place was almost like I remembered it, however, the old pony kegs that used to hang from the ceiling serving as light fixtures were gone. The food, however, was better than I remembered. We all went with the steak dinner which we were told was fresh and butchered locally. I have traveled quite often for my job over the years and have been lucky enough to eat in some of the best steakhouses in our country. This was one of the finest steaks I have ever had. It didn’t cost $58 either. It’s a shame that ChapsMule couldn’t finish his.

The pub has a U – shaped bar and is laid back and casual. It also appears to have an outside beer garden although we never left the bar. There is a pool table and you can throw a few darts if you want.

This is a great place to grab a good meal and cold beer. It’s also a nice location if you want to mix an overnight camp with a paddle down the “crookedest river in the world.” The riding in this part of the state is epic too for the Midwest. The “Driftless area” is a small regional area that the glaciers missed during the last glacier period. It has small canyons, beautiful farms, Amish folks driving buggies and great roads. The area close to the entrance of Wildcat Mountain State Park has been called by some “Little Deals Gap.” That is Tail of the Dragon commentary for those who have been fortunate enough to ride in Western North Carolina.

Regardless of what you call it….a great little pub and some great riding in a very scenic area.

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