The Perfect Duffel

Have I finally ended my search for the perfect duffel bag for this upcoming trip to Alaska?

The search for good gear can go on forever. Never ending options, all at your fingertips, waiting for you to debate every thread count, every molle attachment, installation method, waterproofing type, and about a hundred other features all bring me to the north star of duffel bags.

I have been looking for that perfect duffel for at least 6 months. Yes, that is way too much time watching video reviews, reading blog posts, and shopping online looking at images then I care to share with you.     But I did the research and now I am comfortable with my decision.   Low and behold, I am planning to purchase the Mosko Moto Scout 60 Duffel.

To understand where I am coming from and why I made the choice that I have, you will need to know what was important to me.   The bag that I was wanting to purchase needed to be waterproof.   It needed to be relatively affordable.  I was hoping for a bag that I could mount to my motorcycle without having to go overboard with strapping.

Size does matter of course. The bag needed to be big enough for all of my camping gear; including tent, poles, stakes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, toiletries, and a few additional items (aka flask).     The idea is that I can quickly remove this one bag from my motorcycle and carry it to my campsite where I have everything needed to get a tent up and out of the rain or before I can be carried away from some north woods mosquito army.

Doing my research, some of the bags I kept coming back to were Ortlieb, Wolfman, Dry Spec, First Gear, and North Face.  They all had most of the features that I was looking for, but just didn’t seem to fit the criteria list for some reason.

When I did stumble across the Mosko Moto Brand, (it isn’t sold through traditional retailers or online retailers) I was first intrigued at the story of the company.  Watching many of the videos representing the products,  I was intrigued with who these guys are and the products they have made.  The products seemed to speak for themselves, but it certainly helps to have a cool spokesman.  With thoughtful features and attention to detail in areas that seem irrelevant this particular bag really started to stand out from the rest.

Ultimately, it probably came down to that damn beaver tail or those silly little strap keepers.  I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of that little detail.

For more information about the company or their products go to Mosko Moto

Now I just have to get mine ordered.   HC Brian

Watch a breakdown of the bag here:

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