Twenty five thousand miles have come and gone and so has my OE chain and front and rear sprockets.

I’ve been stressing about changing this out because I wanted to do it on my own, but I haven’t ever done this before. I borrowed a chain tool, watched a bunch of videos and online tutorials, and pulled out my owners manual.

How hard can it be? Well it took me three hours, I had a single mystery part left over, and I spent most of that time crawling around the dirty garage door on my hands an knees.

Was it worth it or should I have just paid someone to do it? Absolutely it was worth it. I now know how to remove the front and rear sprockets. I learned how to use a chain tool to put the chain back together, and I had a chance to look my bike over and clean it a bit. And I got to use my torque wrench again.

Oh yeah, that mystery part? It was the washer for my rear wheel.