Best of the Progressive IMS Bike Show

Handsome Chap Allen, Handsome Chap Hollis, and myself found ourselves at the IMS Bike Show in Minneapolis, MN a few weekends back looking at all the bright and shiny new objects that we must have.

I should have been in the cold garage installing my upgraded suspension during the balmy weekend winter warm-up. Instead, we went to sit on new bikes, eat Nathan hot dogs and pester each other about spending money.

I was sure this was the year HC Allen was going to pull out the Amex to get he and his wife an Indian Roadmaster.

Hollis and I had a little dad/kid time while he took a tool quiz and earned a brand new set of tools.

Allen did a bit of research and talked with the Lake Superior Circle Tour group to prep for a ride this summer. I met the Dirt Bike Tech folks to inquire about some off road training.

Overall, I enjoyed my time once again at this show but it is starting to feel a bit light on participation. Both attendees and vendor numbers felt down from previous shows.

Did you make it to the IMS show this year? What are your thoughts? Do you think it will be around in two years or is it going to continue to dwindle and ultimately die a slow agonizing death?

One thought on “Best of the Progressive IMS Bike Show

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  1. I did want to plunk down a deposit on the Indian, but reason prevailed. When I showed my wife the pics of me sitting on it she said I looked like a kid in a candy shop. Maybe next time…


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