Flat Track Racing in Minnesota

When HC Allen suggested months back that we go to see flat track racing at the local horse racing venue, I was all in regardless of ever having seen a flat track race before.   I knew that this just had to be cool.

Growing up going to the stock car races at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds, I had an idea about what I would be witnessing.  Dirty and loud. Fast and exciting.  Crashes. Drama between riders.  Stadium food and drinks.  People watching.   All the things that any eleven year old would absolutely love, and did.    I had a feeling that flat track racing was going to check all of those boxes, and I was given all that in spades.    Oh my!  It was awesome and I can’t wait for more.

The motorcycles were amazing and cool.  Many looked like they were they were straight out of some home garage, but you knew that there was some amazing technology hidden behind these bikes.

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