Trucksploration Event

Handsome Chap Allen and I at the Trucksploration event at Beth El Synagogue.

This is where all the little kids get to come check out the sports cars, emergency vehicles, and of course motorcycles.

The biggest questions of the day for me were…

Pointing to the paper map on my tank bag, “What was is that?”   After explaining what “that” is, I then get the…

“How long does it take to get from here to here on the map?” Usually pointing from one corner to the other corner.  My answer was usually a reference to watching the number of Phineas and Ferbs shows. For example, it would take five shows to cover that distance; 2.5 hrs.

The other most asked question was “How fast did my motorcycle go?” My usual response that seemed to appease the parents, but not the kids so much was, “The speed limit”.    Kids would give me a blank stare, and then ask the same question again.

Shout out to the parents of the 12 year old that came up and asked me if my Vstrom was a 2 stroke or 4 stroke.  That one took me by surprise.

My takeaway:  Parents and grandparents buy your kids a paper map for the next gift giving event.   Then spend some time talking with them about how to use it.

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