What’s Next for Farkles?

The calendar just clicked over to February. The Super Bowl has come and gone. It is time to focus but I have zero focus right now and I’m not sure why. Possibly, bits of sunny weather and the occasional melting of the snow may have something to do with it.

As the moto season is approaching,  and I have the next three seasons to look forward to, all I can think about is motorcycles and motorcycling. Specifically, what new farkles I want to put on my bike, what rides I want to plan this summer and how can I squeeze it in and ultimately pay for it all.

There comes the rub.   How do I pay for it all? I work. I make a descent salary, overall, but I am forbidden to purchase anything motorcycle related with family funds.  My love for motorcycling does not translate to my spouses love for motorcycling.   I do get a small “saving’s” bump each month, but most of that goes to my moto loan and insurance.  To get to the point, I do not have unlimited funds and have I have to scrutinize every purchase.

After riding the Trans Wisconsin last summer, my riding preferences have me leaning towards more gravel and dirt. So, with that in mind, I am wanting to convert the V Strom into a more capable off road motorcycle. I already have engine guards and a skid plate.

So the top things on my list:

  • New tires. Specifically the TKC 80 rear or something similar. I already own the TKC 80 front.
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • More aggressive foot pegs
  • A proper soft bag pannier rack
  • Maintenance: need to take care of my starter issue
  • Bar risers
  • Durable hand guards like a Bark Buster

So with limited funds to play with and wanting to do more long weekend trips in the Midwest, out of this list, where would you spend your money?

Thanks for playing.


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