Been a while…

I haven’t posted anything in a few months; its about time I did.  I was just looking at photos of our trips and watching vids of flat track racing.  I got out on the bike today for about an hour.  November 11 in MN.  Snow on the ground when I woke up.  I think it was in the teens yesterday but got up to 40 or so today.  It was great to be riding in the cold, all bundled up.  100 MPH on 35W south felt amazing.  Unfortunately I think that’s about it for this year so I put the bike away and covered it up.  I rode to Leo’s South for a quick warranty issue, and sat on numerous new bikes.  Some guy almost had me convinced to buy a new Vulcan  but the Ducati was fucking cool.  I was torn.  Cruiser… BMW touring…drop a bunch of money and a piss off the wife?  Not today.  Looking forward to riding the T.W.A.T. with the Chaps next year and hoping for some nice long adventures!

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