Reminiscing Alaska: Day Three. The Need For Speed

In June of 2017, four of us headed out to ride our motorcycles to Alaska. These memories are from that trip.  Enjoy!

This was the big split. Eric left us at Devils Lake for Minneapolis and Tony and Chris rode with us for lunch in Minot.  After lunch, we huggedwhere they went south to the Black Hills.

Getting out of North Dakota was the goal. We honestly couldn’t leave it fast enough especially as we neared the oil town of Williston. What a crying shame. We did stop to hydrate at what seemed to be the only open pub in the town. Then off to Montana where it was very, very easy to go way faster than any of us should have.

The fact that you could literally see about two miles in every direction meant nothing was going to sneak up on you. Accept for that one little dog that scared the heck out of us as we neared Malta at a break neck speed.

We found our free campground in Malta, were treated to info from the gas station attendant with info on how bad the mosquitoes have been, and then just as we set our tents, the bug sprayer on the back of the F-150 pickup does a drive by and gives a nice blasting of industrial strength bug spray.

Parting shot: If you need something MacGyvered, you want John on your team. His BMW muffler melted his BMW pannier and started to melt his personal gear in the pannier. He found metal. Cut, bent and mounted it so there was no longer an issue.

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