Favorite quotes 

It’s easy to spend this much time with the chaps. You should all try it!  It’s also easy to have a few catch phrases when we spend this much time together.  We have laughed hard at ourselves and have said or heard some great quotes like “there is no downside to tits”. We have had our “circle of discontent” meetings where our Sargent at arms, John, calls the meeting to order. We  then have the “airing of grievances ” and after decisions are made John will declare “it has been written, it shall be done”. Sounds silly but we laugh pretty hard at all of this.  My favorite though came in Skagway when the Chaps were walking down the middle of a deserted Main Street at about midnight (it was still light out) and some crazy guy came at us from another bar challenging us with “who the fuck are you guys?”  Dave turned to him and put him in his place with “We are the fucking Handsome Chaps!”  

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