Eureka, AK

We camped out last night at an abandoned campsite in Eureka, AK.  This is in the Glenn Highway just past the Matanuska Glacier.    Fire pits, flat tent sites, and a raging river.  Oh yeah, and camping was free.  

Today we are off to the Yukon and down towards Kluane Lake.   We have another border crossing in our near future. 

Eureka Roadhouse
The morning after. Prepping for a day of travel.
Another day on the bike staring me down. I looked pumped.

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  1. You look tired is what it looks like. Up to late watching coals burn down I think. Looks like a beautiful campsite. I’m enjoying the blog so far. I hope to get on the road again soon. I need to get some camping in this summer even if they’ll be solo camps. If you’re a big camp and travel guy you might enjoy my blog. It’s all about taking the road less traveled.


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