Liard River Hot Springs

No photos yet but WOW the hot springs are amazing. We left Grand Cache Alberta early yesterday morning at about 6:30 am. It was cold but beautiful and we rode all day to get here.  Our biggest day yet at about 677 miles and 14 hours on the road.

The AlCan highway has some fantastic scenery and curving roads hugging mountain sides and skirting rivers and lakes. We saw black bears, moose, a bison, 2 cranes, and a bunch of frogs. It warmed up and we had a fantastic ride.  It rained pretty hard for about the last 2 hours or so. We stopped at  Toad River Cafe for some great home made beef stew and to get a little warm again before heading back into the rain.

The last hour was in mostly dark although the sun doesn’t really set, over some loose gravel and dirt intermixed in the pavement but completely worth it!

After we set up  camp we walked to the springs  and soaked in the natural sulfur pools for about an hour. So relaxing. It took a minute to get used to the heat. Not only was the water super heated but this is tucked deep in the woods and has a magical feeling about it.

After a great soak We pretty much fell into our tents for the best night sleep yet.



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