The Rendezvous: Interstate Park, Wi. Day One

We didn’t get very far.  That’s okay though, it was planned.  Today we needed to rendezvous with the Chicago crew.  That was Dave, John and Tony.   Eric, Chris, Allen and I, left from Minneapolis and headed south.  

We had a couple of options.  Leave Minneapolis and head to St Croix Falls and we would have been there in an hour.  (That could have been nice. Get to camp nice and early, set up camp and wait around for the Chicago crew.  Then we thought that hanging at camp for five exta hours, might not be such a good idea, possibly too many diversions if you know what I mean.)   Or, head south along the river and try to meet the up along the way.  That required a bit of math and calculation, both of which Dave had zero skills for.  Off to Red Wing, then to Wabasha, then over to Wisconsin and up to Pepin where we stopped for lunch.  

We sat at the Garden Pub Grill.  It had a great open patio, ood fries and great New Glarius (just one of course). Sure enough, after an hour the Chicago crew showed up.  A quick hello and a quicker good bye to the Garden Pub and the seven us were heading north.  

This is the biggest group ride that most of have ever been on.  I now understand the power of a bunch of bikes.  We even had one Harley with us. Thank you Tony for representing the Harley crew.  

Up the river road enjoying those nice Wisconsin county roads.  

We made it to camp, off to dinner, and back for a schlookie by the camp fire.  

Day one.  Is a wrap.  

Chicago Crew:  458

Minneapolis:  211

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