I came across this beautiful Tiger the other day sitting behind Keys Restaurant in St Paul and had to take a picture.  Man those tiger claw prints are awesome.

When I first started to get re-interested in motorcycling after doing my first AK trip a few years back (2009) and started to do some research on bikes, I was really getting into the newest version of the Triumph Tiger 800 XC.

For Christmas that year, my wife bought me a “motorcycle”. She wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree.   I was quite surprised when I opened up the box and found a much smaller version of this motorcycle all ready to go.   Mine was blue, not silver.   It currently sits on my desk at work.   Sometimes when I need a break, I will pull it off the shelf, spin the wheels, squeeze the suspension and turn the handlebars.   It is just as a little reminder everyday about riding.  HC Brian