Baby BMW and My Friend Julia

You have all seen the articles about the Lego version of the BMW 1200 GS.   Today Julia got to share hers with me in the office today.

That little kit is very cool and I would love to build one up in the future.  No,  I don’t have a BMW GS1200, but that’s okay.   I don’t live in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water home, and I have one of those Lego models.

So let’s get back to this thing: It has working suspension;  the wheels turn, which turns a drive shaft, which turns the pistons in the motor.  The cargo boxes open. The handlebar turns, and the kickstand is functioning.   Awesome!  I Heart Lego’s.

Julia is one of our resident motorcyclists at my place of employment.  She had a Triumph Tiger 800 before they  were cool.  When I want to talk about riding, she is one of my go to friends.   Anyway, I will see if I can get her to do a rider profile so we can really find out what makes her tick.



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