Handsome Chap Troy

Every now and then you come across a guy, or gal for that matter,  that makes you shake your head a little bit and ask yourself the question, “what am I doing wrong?”   Whatever it is that this person is doing, it generally makes you feel that your own life isn’t quite as full.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have all made choices that have taken us to were we all respectively sit today.  I chose a family, a house, and a long term job and to live my life through those experiences that play well with those choices.   I am generally happy with my choices, but every now and then, the grass seems a bit greener after talking with Troy.

I got a chance to ask Troy a few questions as he was completing his most recent motorcycle journey, from Alaska to Ushuaia.    Here is what he had to say.

Why do you ride? To explore my backyard and the world.

Pavement or gravel? That depends on the bike and the day.

Favorite motorcycle tires and why? Metzler Tourance. They do everything I ask them to and last longer than TKC80s. Though I’m growing fonder of TKC70s.

Do you like Pork or Beef? Beef

Favorite whiskey? Mackinlay Shackleton Whisky – Journey Edition

What bike do you/did you own? What bike will you own next? 1998 BMW 1100GS, 1985 Kawasaki 454LTD, Yamaha TW200, Suzuki TS250.. Next up, dunno, probably a Honda Supercub. It’s the ultimate machine for an Africa Transcontinental Traverse.

What is that one essential piece of gear or equipment you can’t live without on every moto journey? Thumb squeegee

What is adventure? Exploring the unknown while testing your physical and mental limitations.

Do you still wear drip splattered white converse tennis shoes? If so, do they make your travel gear. I do not, but if I did, they would be the only travel gear that I would pack.

If you could hear only one song before you died, what would that be? Runaway by Bon Jovi.

How can our readers find you? http://www.TroyHenkels.com; http://www.crossingtheamericas.com


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