Handsome Chap Alex

Alex Johnson

Our very first rider profile:  Introducing Handsome Chap Alex

When we first started this blog we asked a few questions ( Contact the Chaps ) to get people to be part of our group (before we realized that consequences of a “group” meant in the motorcycle world) and Alex took the bait and was the first person to shoot some answers our way.

So thanks for playing Alex.   And thank you for protecting our fine nation as a United Sates Marine.

In response to our request that all new “members” send a gift:  I’m not sending a gift…

Type of Moto:  “I ride a, 1998 Honda Shadow 1100 VT custom.”

Favorite whiskey:  “I love Bulleit bourbon.”

Beef or Pork: “And I’ll probably have to side with pork”

Pavement or Gravel:   “Probably a pavement guy too,  hence my bike has zero rear suspension….”

His dad asked him once when he was little boy if he could hear one song before he died, what would it be?   Fire and Ice by James Taylor

And the real reason he has become a Chap:  “Oh and my father happens to be an original HC…if that counts for anything.”   (my two cents: That’s a detriment. Ha.)

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