Riding Gravel in Southern Wisconsin

Man do I love riding gravel.  I am terrible at it and I go pretty damn slow, but I sure do get a kick out of it. Must be the tires I am running. Surely, it isn’t my skill.  Right…

Gravel takes you places that you normally wouldn’t go.  It takes you down roads that are certainly less traveled and that tends to open up a world of adventure for you.   The scenery can be spectacular.  There are very few cars to contend with, and talk about improving your motorcycling handling skills; riding gravel will make you a better rider.  Everybody waves. Not only other motorcyclists; (not that you see too many of those when riding gravel); but farmers working on farms and kids playing in yards all seem to be giving you a friendly welcome to their part of the woods.

In southern Wisconsin, where this photo is taken, we were riding through the drift-less area heading towards La Cross. Surrounding by high hills cut from rivers and streams gravel and dirt roads for miles, we were navigating our motorcycles to areas that most riders would ask the question why.

And you know what, I like that.

These are just a few of the reasons I like to ride gravel.   What are yours?

HC Brian

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